Recovery Worship

Wednesdays at 6:45pm in the Fireside Room

recovery worship

We gather in a circle and receive welcome. This 45 minute service includes some traditional worship elements like Confession and Forgiveness, Holy Communion, and Sharing God’s Peace. We sing and pray. We reflect on scripture stories through a lens of recovery and personal sharing. We engage the Twelve Steps and the Serenity Prayer. Before we leave, we anoint each other as beloved children of God, marked with the sign of the cross and sent out with words of blessing.

We believe the work of recovery engages our Lutheran theology well. Everyone is welcome to attend these open worship services. May they be spiritual refreshment and encouragement mid-week for all who feel broken or weary.

Our Collaboration with Mental Health Connect

Living with mental illness can be tough. Finding help can be tougher. We are proud to partner with Mental Health Connect, a ministry of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in collaboration with Vail Place. MHC has a presence in our congregation, building relationships and connecting people to resources so healing doesn’t feel so stigmatized, lonely, or overwhelming.

Learn more about Mental Health Connect at