Belief, Behavior and Belonging

By on March 25, 2016 in News & Musings

Belief, behavior, and belonging..that’s it! That’s what makes Zion so unique! Pastor Meta talks about the reversal: “People used to encounter church by first publicly stating belief, then behaving in accordance with the masses, and finally finding belonging. These days, more people come to church in search of unconditional belonging first. When that is found, their behavior becomes something new – inspired by the hospitality they encountered – and this finally informs their belief. Most churches are home to a variety of people, all working through the B’s in their own order and at their own pace. It’s not linear, but multi-dimensional.”  I can tangibly see this happening at Zion.

I come from a long line of many generations of Catholics. I think this was perpetuated by the fact that my parent’s generation and their parents before them, followed embedded practices when it came to religion. They went to the same church their parents did because it was just a piece of their culture, not because they decided it was important to them (it may have been that too). Today we have more of a deliberative approach to church. We question why we do things the way we do them, and we act out of purpose, seeking what we need.

Zion, from my view, is not shaped by the norms of conventional culture. I am a small piece of the puzzle of the congregation, but I feel like I am a part of the puzzle, a piece of the belonging. Each piece is intentional, has boundaries and is significant in its own right. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of a trusting community of people who are authentic and searching together to grow closer to God.

There is a sacred space I experience here. I may bring some old habits of bowing to the cross, but the sacredness comes from the hospitality I experience and hopefully return. This is a place where my behavior is shaped by the interactions in my days here and deepens my belief that God is among us and God is good.

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Patty is our resident pastoral intern at Zion while she completes her MDiv degree and prepares for ordination. We are grateful for her gentle wisdom and fresh perspective in our midst. It’s a pleasure to be growing in faith and learning with her.




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