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As long as I can remember Zion has always been a part of my life.  My brother and I attended church (not always willingly) from when we were little.  Throughout my entire life I’ve been involved with Zion in different capacities.  When I was young I was an Acolyte and Crucifer.  I can still remember putting on the white and red robes each Sunday morning. As a teenager I did my Eagle Scout project at ZOOM House when it was just getting off the ground in the fall of 1998.  Many years later I would join the Board at ZOOM and continue my service to Zion.  When I reflect back, I can’t think of a time that Zion was not part of my life.
Zion has always been an open, welcoming, and adaptable place that people can come to no matter where they are in their lives. When I was going through confirmation, our class was so small that we had to combine our class with two other churches.  From when I can remember, Zion has always had a small congregation.  The building is old and not nearly as grand as many churches that you see nowadays.  Despite all these things, Zion seems to keep chugging along.  It has found a way to survive and continue to be an integral part of the Lyndale community.
I am proud to call myself a member of Zion.  I have had the privilege to watch it grow and adapt over my entire life.  The people here are caring, open-minded, and are the definition of what community and belonging should be.  I look forward to seeing how Zion will evolve in the future!
adam and jessOur guest blogger, Adam, has recently returned from more than a year in Seoul, South Korea followed by several months of travel ranging from New Zealand to Mongolia. We are so happy to have him back in our midst!


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