Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

By on April 9, 2015 in News & Musings

Boxes of books, clothes, and shoes. Boxes of pots and pans and pretty things. Boxes in my closet. Boxes in my trunk.

As Luke and I prepare for moving day I’ve been taking note of what I’ve accumulated since moving to Minneapolis in 2012. What new things need to boxed up and taken with us? There are a few gifts from friends, a couple Viking hats and some Minnesota Twins gear. There are hundreds of books – one joy of studying theology is that there will always be more to read. Beyond all this I will also return to Winnipeg with two new dear friends: my husband Luke and a robot by the name of Roomba.

As I immerse myself in the logistics of moving, I realize that most of what I have accumulated won’t take up any space in a moving truck. It doesn’t need to be boxed up. It is already contained within my mind and heart. These include challenging new insights, beautiful relationships, unforgettable experiences, and cherished moments of God being revealed to me.

In the two and a half years I have been at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, two years have been spent with Zion Lutheran Church as my contextual learning site. I accumulated so many things at Zion:

  •  The experience of being truly welcomed into a new community and feeling both known and cared for.
  •  Confidence in my ability to take what I learned in the classroom and share it with others.
  •  A vision for what it means to be a thirty-something pastor who brings her whole self to ministry.
  •  Gratitude for Recovery Ministry and the 12-Steps.
  •  A fuller understanding of what it means to be “a priesthood of believers” as I watched the people of Zion share their gifts as ministry leaders.

I came to seminary because I felt a call to be theologically educated. I didn’t really want to be a pastor, but I was willing to see where a new path would lead. My experiences at Zion helped me to see there is more than one way of being the church, and more than one way of being a pastor. Zion allowed me opportunities to develop a pastoral identity, and I feel much more prepared and enthusiastic about ministry as a result.

God is so obviously at work at Zion Lutheran Church. S/He is reflected in the face of each person I met and was able to get to know. I already miss my Zion family dearly (Canadian jokes included). Know that you are packed safely in my heart and I will carry you with me wherever I go.

lisaOur guest blogger is Lisa Janke. We have been blessed by Lisa’s teaching, care, and leadership. She has an old soul and a joyful spirit that’s expressed in public worship and quiet conversations alike. We will bless and send Lisa and Luke during worship on April 26. Her pastoral internship begins in Winnipeg this August. Canada is lucky to get her back, Eh?




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