Greetings from Pastor Jason

By on April 18, 2018 in News & Musings

It would be hard to quantify the number of Zion memories that I both treasure and have shared with others.  There are the memories of the many youth adventures while on retreats or summer trips, the journey that led to the start of the ZOOM House, the connections to the Horn Towers, and the unique personalities from the neighborhood and congregation.  Most of all there are the memories that came from life lived out together as people of faith in worship and in daily life.  I pray that what is heard when I share my Zion memories is a deep sense of gratitude.  From time to time pastors and many others are asked about the mentors who were important in shaping who one has become.  It’s assumed that folks will talk about various individuals.  That certainly is true for me (Pastor Westphal has a prominent place on that list for me).

For me to be honest though, I would not just speak about individuals.  In a very real sense, the community of Zion helped shape who I have become, how I think about the church and what it means to be a pastor.  The stubborn determination to believe that the congregation mattered in the life of the Lyndale Community, the sense of faith that led to the willingness to risk for the sake of God’s work in the world, and the belief that the freedom of the Gospel should lead to a congregational culture of authenticity (never been to a place that was more “what you see is what you get”) have had real impact  on my theology.  For walking alongside me through seminary, internship, and my first call; for the ways you encouraged Shannon and me as we worked out life as a married couple and started a family (Both Mira and Aidan are well aware that they were baptized at Zion), and for so much more, THANK YOU.

I pray that God will continue to bless this faithful congregation to create the sort of memories that lead to a faith-filled future lived for the sake of the world that God loves in Jesus name.

Pastor Jason Van Hunnik


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