Hands, Hands, Hands

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Hands that roll the lefse – There’s a certain skill to rolling lefse and it’s all in the hands. The grooved rolling pin has a heft that must be managed. Too much pressure and your lefse dough will stick to the pastry cloth. Too little pressure and the dough stays too thick. Perfectly rolled lefse is whisper thin, round as a pie plate and, if the hands are deft, there is nary a rip nor tear as it is lifted onto the griddle. Zion rolls lefse every October, just in time for the bake sale at the Annual Meatball Dinner.


Hands that ring the bells – Zion is lucky to have a core group of people rehearse bell ringing for a few weeks before Christmas each year. It requires quick hands – pick up the C# bell, ring two quarter notes, rest, silence the bell, put it down, pick up another – it’s a graceful choreography of hands and bells. Christmas Eve finds us gathered in our sanctuary where candles flicker and familiar tunes fill the air, all accompanied by the dulcet sounds of the Christmas bells.

passing the peace

Hands that pass the peace – At Zion we take passing the peace very seriously! The moment Pastor Meta says, “The peace of Christ be with you always,” we are up, hands outstretched, leaning over pews or crossing the aisle to greet as many people as we can. “Peace be with you,” echoes throughout the sanctuary. We shake hands with those we know well. We stoop to shake hands with children. Visitors are never left out and may be in awe at such a display of greeting hands!


Hands that slip on mittens – We’ve been collecting mittens for the kids at Lyndale School for several years here at Zion. They replace mittens lost on the way to school or provide relief from the frigid temps that catch parents by surprise. It’s a simple thing – buy a pair or two, drop them off at Zion and we’ll do the rest. Don’t like to shop? Designate a check for the mitten fund and we will shop for you!

hands hands hands

Hands that fold in prayer – Jasper has a favorite table grace called “Hands, Hands, Hands”. It has a simple, singsong melody and he sings it with gusto:

Thank you God for hands

Hands, hands, hands,

Thank you God for friends

Friends, friends, friends,

Thank you God for food

Food, food, food –

 The grand finale is a boisterous AMEN as his eyes pop open and he smiles at all the hands around his table.


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