Holy Smoke

By on June 18, 2015 in Community

Wednesday night dinners have been pretty fancy this year. Cooking Matters and Youth Farm have taught us a lot about menu planning, hearty vegetarian dishes, and delicious sauces. We’ve had brownies with black beans hiding inside and chipotle aioli made from yogurt. Yum!  Tonight we tried two kinds of kebabs with marinades. It meant a lot of chopping and mixing – and without a paid cook at the center of it all giving instructions.

Trying to prepare fdinner_will_be_readyood for 75 people without one head honcho in the kitchen is a little wild. I’ve been urging folks to make space for more bodies, more ideas, and more participation behind the scenes. The kitchen crew varies from week to week – some have experience and some are brand new. It’s a tender thing to make room for all kinds of people in the kitchen. Every week we learn something new. This week, we learned a lot of new things:

  1. The person who planned the menu should be in the kitchen while it’s being prepared.
  2. Kebabs cook infinitely slower in an oven than they do on the grill.
  3. Reaching for veggies with a chicken hand might mean that kebab isn’t a veggie kebab anymore.
  4. When it smells good, people are kind and wait patiently.
  5. If there are too many people in the kitchen but they’re all polite and well intentioned, no one is going to say, “Hey, there are too many people in this kitchen!”
  6. There is great grace when people help open windows as the smoke alarm beeps.
  7. There is great grace when people laugh as it goes off again.
  8. There is great grace when it goes off a third time while Recovery Worship is talking about Surrender in the next room.
  9. Zion has brave leaders who know when to lean in and know when to step back. Their joy, calm, and sense of humor helped other people feel part of a lively experiment tonight.
  10. Zion has faithful leaders who stick around with a sheepish and contrite pastor, together figuring out how next week can be just as delicious and healthy, but much more empowering and organized.

Thank you for the holy smoke, Zion. Your vulnerability and strength in the midst of this Wednesday night experience is so beautiful and open. It is, in and of itself, a great invitation to all who feast with you.

With Gratitude, Pastor Meta


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