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Families are being separated.

In the midst of such horrible news headlines lately about detaining families seeking asylum, you may be asking- What can I do?
Bishop Eaton, our presiding Bishop of the ELCA, made a statement about President Trump’s executive order on June 22nd.  Here is a short section of it. You can read the full statement here-

In his explanation of the Lord’s Prayer in the Small Catechism, Martin Luther reminds us that good government is part of our daily bread. As Lutherans and as citizens, we can work with elected officials toward humane, just, and compassionate solutions. Through AMMPARO and LIRS, the ELCA is committed to walking alongside children and families who are seeking asylum. You can be part of a network that uses their hands and voice to ensure they feel welcomed wherever they go. We can also advocate through ELCA Advocacy ( By grace we are set free to love and serve the neighbor. Let us, through prayer and action, serve these vulnerable children and families.
As a congregation we have already done two things. Our church sign recently changed to say- This church was founded by immigrants 125 years ago. Estamos Contigo (which means “We are with you.” in Spanish) On Sunday June 24th, we recorded the congregation saying a new version of Lord, Listen to your children praying with verses that included prayers for children and parents. This video was sent to Pr Jane Bucky Farlee to be complied with other congregations who also are singing. You can find the video here:
As policies continue to target vulnerable children and families, people of faith of have been leading the charge in providing services and advocating alongside these communities. Here are two ways in which you as an individual can help children and families facing these policies.

  • Join a Network that accompanies these children and families. The ELCA has the AMMPARO strategy ( in which congregations can form part of a welcoming congregations network around the country. These congregations commit to accompany children in their community, pray and advocate for migrant children and families. Please let Pr CJ know if you are interested in being more connected to this program! Lutherans can also learn more about these issues from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (
  • Advocate. Advocate. Advocate. Whether in the budget process or through stand-alone bills, Congress can provide much-needed oversight and regulation to policies that are hurting children and families. They must hear your voice. You can join the ELCA Action Network through the ELCA website and check their Facebook page and twitter to stay current on these policies.




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