Justin and Jayne Remember Zion

By on January 16, 2018 in News & Musings

Jason VanHunnik and Louise Britts, who we knew from camp, invited us to Zion one Sunday.  We visited–fully intending it would be a one Sunday experience.  Instead, we stayed for four blessed years.  The thing we remember best was the number of people from a variety of backgrounds going out of their way to make us feel welcome.  We had never experience a welcome like this–before or since!

In our time at Zion, we experienced genuine Christian Community–people bearing one another’s burdens in the name of Jesus, sacrificing to help others, and trying to make an impact in the world. More often than I should admit, Zion’s Commitment to the Gospel has served as a sermon illustration to the congregations I have served. Thank You for the impact you continue to make in the world and thank you for the impact you had on our lives.  Zion is a Blessing!

-Justin and Jayne Boeding

Justin and Jayne were at Zion in the early 2000s. Justin is currently the senior pastor at United Lutheran Church in Red Wing, MN.


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