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Known and unknown Zion Christians:

Dear friends – dear brothers and sisters. 35 years ago my family and I attended Zion Lutheran for a year. Since I was only five years old when we arrived at the beginning of the academic year my memories of that year are scattered. vbBut I remember clearly the weekly meetings in the church basement where I attended the Girl Scout meetings as a “Brownie”.

The welcome and the feeling of belonging was the same as we felt Sunday after Sunday among you in the congregation. Mom saved this card which I “filled” while with an adult reading the options for me. And as you can see, I would have gladly volunteered for all the options.

Today, as I see the card again, I wonder if some kind of modesty made me cancel the third column out of the realization that there are, after all, some questions which a wide-eyed five-year-old can leave for the adults to raise, but today I am a senior pastor of a large Lutheran parish in Copenhagen in a parish among many Muslim immigrants and as I read the questions through the pencil strokes I suddenly feel inspired to ask myself – and my two fellow pastors – whether we should follow your idea and give our parishioners a chance to make wishes to the parish council and the pastors…?

As I think back to our staying in your parish house, I feel that the hospitality and the loving care which your church showed to us has fostered in me a confidence which gave me, among other things, the courage to fly – right after my high school graduation – to Venezuela to spend a year as a volunteer in an orphanage founded and run by a Pentecostal congregation, even if I didn’t speak or understand a word of Spanish before my arrival (and only a few of the staff there knew any English)…!

Later, I volunteered among street children in Nigeria, where my Mom and Dad worked, and today, my husband, a former Brazilian Pentecostal pastor, and I have three wonderful children.

But you have instilled in me a fundamental faith that strangers are ‘friends whom you haven’t met yet!’ May you all be blessed – and be a blessing!

Elisabeth Krarup de Medeiros


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