My Debut as a Lutheran

By on May 16, 2016 in News & Musings

When I look around at the newer members and friends of Zion on any given Sunday, I’m struck by how many people come to Zion after identifying as a Catholic or a Baptist or as a non-church goer for much of their life. Me? I’ve been a Lutheran from almost the beginning. I was two years old when my Mom and Dad moved permanently to Barton, North Dakota, my Dad’s birthplace and a veritable enclave of Lutherans.

My earliest recollection of church was the Christmas just before I turned three. Kids back then were given a “piece” to recite during the annual Christmas program and since I was an early talker, I was given this little poem to recite:

Though I’m little

I can say

Thank you God

For Christmas Day

I practice it night and day, anticipating my debut as a Lutheran! The big evening arrives and I proudly walk up in front of the congregation, grab the bottom edge of my little wool skirt and begin reciting:

Though I’m little (twist my skirt)

I can say (continue twisting)

Thank you God (I look out at my parents and notice my Dad has gone slightly pale)

For Christmas Day (two final twists and my skirt is now around my waist)

Not an auspicious beginning in a very serious church, where even the minister looked like it was painful to show up most Sundays. But – Dad dragged us all to church every week, like it or not.  I earned all my attendance stars in Sunday School, was confirmed, went to Luther League, helped with church dinners, considered Catholics an exotic species, never met a Baptist and the only non-church goers I knew had serious drinking problems. I launched into adulthood considering being a Lutheran as definite as being Norwegian.

I love the “new” church with its melting pot mentality, its wide open arms and its acceptance of people no matter their faith background or their place on a faith journey. Pastor Meta says it every Sunday when she invites us to communion – All are welcome! It’s my favorite thing about life at Zion.


Carolyn is a long-time member of Zion, loves all things techie, and adores her ever growing family.


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