“We belong to each other for the sake of the good.” – Mother Theresa

We’re big on belonging around here. It’s about so much more than family history or signing a certificate. Belonging at Zion means you’ve discovered a warm welcome and sense of purpose here. It means this mission matters to you and you’re building relationships in this quirky cloud of witnesses.

Declaring a sense of belonging here can look a few different ways:

Tenants and Partners: We share our building space with several local organizations, including two other congregations, The ZOOM House Food Shelf, Youth Farm, Lyndale School’s safe site, Cooking Matters (U of M extension), violin and piano lessons, and more. We are glad for the creative collaboration we share with the Lyndale Neighborhood Association, Blaisdell YMCA, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Mental Health Connect, Lyndale Community School, and ZOOM House.

Friends of Zion: This faith community has a wide reach. Friends of Zion are folks who wish to declare their commitment to Zion’s life and ministry in a way different from membership. Friends include long distance supporters, former members, seminarians and interns from Zion, neighbors, and new visitors. Friends promise to 1) stay in the loop through media and the Messenger 2) pray for God’s mission at Zion and 3) tell us your story and share Zion’s story. Most of our Friends also give financial gifts to Zion’s ministry, though this is not required. We give thanks for all of Zion’s Friends each August during worship; we name you and pray for you. Click here for a nifty form you can turn in to be a card-carrying Friend of Zion.

Members of Zion: Is Zion the most important and current expression of church community for you? Are you showing up regularly, engaging in leadership opportunities, and financially invested in our mission? You may want to sit down for this…I think you’re already a member. If you have skin in the game about this little church and her relationships, consider declaring that through membership. We give you a cute little houseplant and everything.

Click here for a nifty form that makes you a card-carrying Member of Zion.