Building Community

People connect here. Strangers receive welcome. Neighbors know this is a place they will feel safe and respected. This community believes in trying things that require big dreams and teamwork. Here are a few important ways we’re building community in the Lyndale neighborhood:

The Lyndale Community Dinner is postponed right now due to covid-19.

bldg pic ZOOM House stands for Zion Originated Outreach Ministry. In 1998, the apartment building next door to Zion was subject to a DEA raid. Leaders at Zion came together with members of other Twin Cities congregations to purchase and renovate the building, hoping to create a new beginning and hope on the corner of 33rd and Blaisdell. Today it’s a unique permanent, affordable housing ministry that supports single-parent families in exciting, holistic ways. Families come directly from Hennepin County shelters, discovering a new sense of home and community right next door to Zion. Visit The Zoom House to learn more about ZOOM House.

lyndale schoolLyndale Community School has a special place in our hearts. We’ve collected athletic shoes, art supplies, and warm weather clothes for our little friends a few blocks away. Zion is their emergency evacuation site, so all of these little ones have visited and known welcome here.

We are proud of the diversity and great learning at Lyndale School. More than half these students are English learners and they are growing by leaps and bounds each year. These kids are our teachers and leaders – we give God thanks for their energy and discoveries!

We host three supply drives for Lyndale School each year. Contact the church office for more information or to coordinate a donation.

2017 Fall Collection: School Supplies

Winter Collection: Hats, Mittens, and Scarves

Spring Collection: Reams of Copier Paper