Take This Bread

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Bread: So familiar. So mundane. So tangible. Bread fills an entire row and the grocery store with all its different brands and flavors, and it fills our stomachs and gives us energy for the day. But bread, when taken as part of Holy Communion, becomes something wildly mysterious and profoundly spiritual. By the bread of Holy Communion, we are filled and fed in a way that goes far beyond our stomachs. For in Communion, we are eating Jesus.
What does this mean? What is really happening when Jesus tells us to “take and eat?” How are we fed by our faith? And moreover, how might we be called to feed others?
Join me this summer throughout June and July, where 20- and 30-somethings will explore these questions together by reading and discussing Sara Miles’ “Take This Bread,” by baking bread in the backyard bread oven at Redeemer Lutheran Church in north Minneapolis, and by cooking and serving a meal for kids, families, and neighbors at one of Redeemer’s summer cookouts (ALL ages invited to help serve at this event!). I look forward to reading together, eating together, and serving together this summer.
June 16 at 7 pmDiscuss part 1 of Sara Miles’ “Take This Bread” at Common Roots Cafe
June 30 at 7 pmDiscuss part 2 of Sara Miles’ “Take This Bread” at Common Roots Cafe
July 8 from 5-8 pm-All ages are invited to cook and serve a meal for Redeemer summer cookout

July 18 from 9-11 am-Morning worship and bread baking at Redeemer’s backyard bread oven

RSVP to pastoral intern Ali Tranvik at atranvik@bethlehem-church.org


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