Ubi Caritas (Where there is love)

By on November 29, 2015 in News & Musings


Early one Christmas morn,

I was called to come deliver

one of my expectant moms.

I drove down silent, empty streets

as giant snowflakes fell—

my pathway lit by golden halos

‘round streetlamps as I passed.


Already a single mom, Kim was there alone.

The baby’s father hadn’t come—

I don’t remember why.

Labor progressed without delay,

and by dawning of the day,

a daughter had been born.


After all my doing was done, I was somehow

drawn, to stop and stand and watch.

Kim sat cradling her little girl, and

staring deep into those wondering eyes, and smiling—

now newly/ecstatically in love.


Suddenly the inkling flashed,

that I had been witness to

not only this miracle birth of life—

but to the nativity of love.


If God is indeed love,

then God was surely there,

also attending this double birth.


Silent night was rebirthed as holy night

in the presence of love/Love. Ubi caritas.

As you wait for the Day of Incarnation—stop and stand and watch.

Brad came to Zion at the invitation of a friend and was pleasantly surprised to find a church home here. He shares his gifts and talents as a physician, a woodworker, a builder of fragile and beautiful things. We are glad for his poetry in our midst and for his invitation to “stop, stand, and watch” this Advent.






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