Sunday Mornings at 10:00am

Polka Band

In person worship has resumed. With community transmission marked as low by the CDC right now, we are strongly encouraging but not requiring you wear a mask in our building.  We do ask that if you choose not to wear a mask that you remain socially distanced from those who are wearing a mask and choosing to be more covid cautious at this time.

All worship will be archived on our YouTube channel if you can’t attend in person.  

Here is a brief look at what to expect when you come to worship at Zion. (link to guide)


4/14: 129th Anniversary Legacy Light Reception, 6pm; Holy Week Service for Healing and Wholeness, 7PM
4/17: Easter Egg Hunt for Zion kiddos and friends – 9:20AM; Easter breakfast, 8-9:30AM. Worship 10AM.

Another congregation that meets in our building is also holding virtual as well as in person services. 

Church of the Living God

Pastor Sam Butler

Sunday School at 10:00am

Sunday Worship at 11:30am