Zion Memory

By on February 9, 2018 in News & Musings

I have always been thankful for my assignment in 1977 to Zion Lutheran Church for Contextual Education. I remember the first time I was to assist with Holy Communion. Pastor Oman informed me that the practice was that the pastor would place the wafer on the tongue of the communicant and pour the wine from the cup into their mouth. I practiced with my roommate the night before. We had a wonderful member here in Kasson with advanced MS. It was with joy and confidence that I gave him communion, because of my experience at Zion.

I remember how during the first year I did not have a car and would take the bus from the seminary. Then at the Easter Breakfast I mentioned I was looking for a car and an elderly member whose name I forget said it was high time he sold his wife’s car. The price was a blessing. I named it Leonard. When I met my wife that summer it turned out she also had a blue car named Leonard. No one was assigned to Zion in 1978 and I was blessed to continue the opportunity to preach, lead worship and sing in the choir.

Rev. Dr. Joel V. Xavier

Kasson, MN


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